Mr. Burton Genius. Magnificent. Shrewd. Unflappable. Sexy.

Powerful words. And ones no one has ever used to describe Brian Burton.

But what he lacks in, well, most everything, he more than makes up for in his passion for design. It's not just his job, it's a way of life.

With a bachelor's degree in Speech Communication Consultancy (We don't know either. Just Google it.), Brian found out soon enough what he didn't want to do. After a quick stint as a ninja master (too much paperwork), he became self-taught in the field of design. He soon fell in love with the graphic arts and realized why his parents kept telling him to "make sure you love what you do." Seriously.

So now he's self-employed, taking care of his clients the way he sees fit, and trying to make a difference in the world, one design at a time.